American Water ❤s Water Infrastructure

American Water ❤s Water Infrastructure

By Water Street – February 14, 2022 – Comment

Recognizing the people, the responsibility and the investment behind safe access to water.

Water infrastructure is integral for the daily flow of life for Americans—and it, along with those unsung heroes who maintain it. Obviously, we’ve always been a big fan of our infrastructure and these essential workers, but today on Valentine’s Day, American Water wants to take a moment to send appreciation to those who support the maintenance of the pipes running through, under and around the places we live, work, and play.

Why our work with water infrastructure is important.

We depend on pipes every day, and that system depends on the hard work of individuals across the country. Here’s some of the reasons why the American Water team is dedicated to water and wastewater infrastructure:

  • When properly supported, infrastructure is consistent in delivery and safety. Every day, when you go to brush your teeth, take a shower, flush the toilet and more, you are depending on the flow of clean, safe water out of your tap. Our team works hard to make that happen, but it wouldn’t be possible without the pipes that deliver it.
  • When maintained well, it can last a whole lifetime. Our water infrastructure has a long lifetime, but even the best things don’t last forever. Some of our nation’s current system is reaching its past-due date but keeps working to provide water every day.
  • It gives back to the people we love. Our customers, friends and family all receive a source of clean, safe drinking water from their taps—which saves them money compared to bottled water.
  • Let’s talk about it! The average American may not think about water infrastructure. So, when the system is working as it should, those all-important pipes continue to function well and provide essential services.

How we invest in the future of water infrastructure.

When it comes to water infrastructure, sometimes it has to go beyond dedicating time and energy to maintenance of the current systems. For years, our country’s infrastructure has provided water and wastewater services to hundreds of millions of people; now some of it is coming to the end of its lifespan.

Americans have been putting additional pressure on their water systems as they’re staying home more these days and, in turn, these pipes are quickly approaching their expiration dates. As a result, this issue is more important than ever. In fact, according to a report released by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and the Value of Water Campaign, a large portion of our nation’s water infrastructure has aged beyond its useful life, and the gap between annual spending and the funding needed to fix it has reached $81 billion. Without action, the financial impacts on Americans who own homes (and therefore, are responsible for the pipes underneath them) would be astronomical. If the gap is not filled by 2039, U.S. households could incur $14 billion in costs due to water and wastewater failures—a household loss of seven times the rate that it is today.

American Water alone owns more than 500 water systems, with pipeline totaling nearly 52,000 miles. We know we have an important role to play in improving the state of water infrastructure in our country. So, over the next ten years, American Water will invest between $28 to $32 billion to help ensure reliable delivery of clean, safe and affordable water to every customer. Our investments include replacing aging infrastructure, upgrading existing to make them more resilient in the face of climate change, constructing new facilities, and complying with or surpassing the latest water quality standards.

Why we are proud of our American Water team.

The American Water team shows up every day to keep the tap running in homes and business across the country. To us, it’s more than a job: it’s a responsibility to keep life flowing for our customers. So, at the end of the day, our investment of money, time and energy into the maintenance of water infrastructure is a note of appreciation to our customers and communities.

On a day that’s all about showing appreciation, we can think of no better occasion than calling out the incredible work of those on the front lines in the water infrastructure world. Teams like ours at American Water are there for you today and every day.